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100 Best Graphic Design Posters Exhibition

Brace yourselves, all you graphic designers out there; it's going to be a typographic ride.

Two fonts walk into a bar and the bartender says, “we don’t serve your type here.” Luckily the typography exhibition, taking place tomorrow, does have your type. Loving our sense of humour, right? We know. With design skyrocketing all around Cairo, this may be the best exhibition yet. Graphic design is a powerful tool that aims to solve problems that change the world one poster at a time; it's not just another pretty face. "100 Best Arabic Posters is a non-profit organisation taking place each year in a country among the Arab world. With the participation of the local and region’s population, the organisation acts as a collective and dynamic platform with the aim of reviving and embracing the diversity of the Arab World’s visual language, solely through collected and selected Arabic Posters," they said.

A collection of the top 100 best posters will be displayed in DWZ Kairo, a German science centre in the heart of Zamalek. “This exhibition is a teaser event of the Best 100 Arabic Posters, displaying graphic design posters of students from the German University in Cairo!” they say. The exhibition is all about Arabic typography and is meant to promote Arabic type in Cairo, specifically modern type. They will be launching a website soon with details about the competition, timing, and submission process. This year’s exhibition is not a competition; it is only the teaser event, so stay tuned for more! The exhibition will take place on the 4th of December at the DWZ Kairo, 11 El-Saleh Ayoub St. in Zamalek. So go discover the Arabic graphic design world; we guarantee you’ll fall in love. We have seen the Futura, and it’s beautiful!

Check out their Facebook page here