Friday 2 of December, 2022
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100 Young Arab Writers In A Collaborative Book

Brilliant young publishing startup Nasheroon is releasing its third project, a book titled 'Men... Ela' which combines pieces of writing from 100 Arab writers.

Staff Writer

After their two successful experiments 99+1 and 3-Phaz, Egypt’s publishing startup Nasheroon is launching its third book, Min… Ela, which gathers the short stories of 100 promising Arab writers, from Morocco to UAE. “We were flooded with very wonderful pieces of writing which exceeded the total number of applicants of the two previous books,” says the startup’s co-founder, Amr Essam.

The young publisher, who was featured earlier this year as one Egypt’s 25 entrepreneurs under 25, aims for Nasheroon to become the first destination for book agents in the Arab world and has already sold out the two first books published through the platform.  

“For this edition, we opened the doors for talented young Arab writers from anywhere around the globe to compete for a place in the third book,” he says, “Each author has a maximum of four pages to express their mind, whether it is in the form of a short story, an article, or a poem at no cost.”

One of Cairoscene's #25under25, Amr Essam has already managed to publish three collaborative books through his platform. 

After receiving hundreds of submissions, the team selected the most promising 100 writers, including young Arab expats living in Europe and North America. “We organised the selection through both a specialised department in the company, and public voting on social media,” Essam explains.

“We created a customised novel that connects a variety of pieces in one story, which adds different flavour and excitement for the reader,” he adds. The book will be launched on November 4th, 2015 at Bayt Al-Sinnari in Al-Sayda Zainab. At the event, which starts at 12 PM, authors will be sharing their experience with Nasheroon and signing copies of the book, which will also be available for delivery worldwide through their Facebook page, as well as across bookstores in different governorates.

For more information, visit Nasheroon's Facebook page.