Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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11 Trailblazing Talks at Art d'Egypte's 'Forever is Now II' Exhibition

Unmissable talks by Art d’Egypte’s global roster is set to take place from Oct. 28th - Nov. 1st at TCC.

Farida El Shafie

In the lead up to the highly anticipated Forever Is Now II exhibition at the Pyramids of Giza and as part of Art d’Egypte’s ongoing mission to make art accessible to all, a series of talks led by their global roster of artists and industry experts is set to take place at Tahrir Cultural Centre. From October 28th to November 1st, in-depth conversations on ‘art as language’, calligraphy, poetry, digital culture and Web 3 will supplement the incredible displays enshrouding the ancient world wonder. In light of that notion, we’re rounded up just a few of the phenomenal faces to look out for. 

Screening of ‘Paper & Glue’ & Q&A With JR 

JR | Photographer & Street Artist 

Friday Oct. 28th 3-5 PM 

Ewart Hall 

JR - the internationally acclaimed French street artist who is best known for epic art installations in the most unconventional of global locations - is screening his own film and following up the showcase with a Q&A session. 

Redefining Cultural Districts in The Region

Vilma Jurkute | Executive Director Alserkal 

Friday Oct. 28th 4-5 PM 

Oriental Hall

Serving as Executive director to one of the biggest cultural art venues in the region, Alserkal’s Vilma Jurkute will openly discuss what it means to re-imagine cultural districts in order for them to encompass more than just their peripheral settings. 

‘Art is a Pretext’ Perception, Cairo 

el Seed | Contemporary Artist, Sculptor & Calligrapher 

Friday Oct. 28th 5-6 PM

Oriental Hall

Famed for his use of Arabic calligraphy and poetry, el Seed - the international award-winning French-Tunisian artist whose spectacularly sweeping street art consistently garners global attention - is set to discuss the various ways his chosen art form toys with perceptions and how his installation stands testament to that motif. 

The Journey to the Metaverse 

Fares Akkad | Regional Director Meta 

Friday Oct. 28th 6-7 PM

Oriental Hall

Joining Meta in 2017, Fares Akkad serves to advise and consistently funnel his expertise towards enabling the conversations around the metaverse and Web 3 to flourish. A pioneer and visionary, Akkad is pushing for that digital move - and rectifying global fear - once more as part of Art d’Egypte’s series of talks.  

The Importance of Arts & Culture in the UAE 

Melissa Gronlund | Author 

Zeinab Al Hashemi | Conceptual & Installation Artist 

Sunday Oct. 30th 1-2 PM

Ewart Hall  An established author and contemporary art and digital culture specialist, Melissa Gronlund is taking to Tahrir Cultural Centre alongside multidisciplinary  artist Zeinab Al Hashemi to spotlight the importance of regional discourse on Arts & Culture. 

The Secrets to Building & Launching a Successful NFT/Web 3 Project 

Maha Abouelenein | Founder Digital & Savvy 

Andy Krainak | President of VeeFriends 

Sunday Oct. 30th 2-3 PM Ewart Hall  In light of the recent focus on the digital realm, Tech experts and entrepreneurial masterminds Maha Abouelenein and Andy Krainak are unravelling the ways artists and visionaries alike can create meaningful intellectual property that out-runs the test of time. 

The Chosen View 

Dr. Ridha Moumni | Deputy Chairman Christie’s MENA  

Arne Everwijn | 19th Century European Art Specialist at Christie’s 

Sunday Oct. 30th 3-4 PM

Ewart Hall  

World-leading art and luxury auction house Christie’s expansion into the region sparked artistic movements; its ripple effect converging with those of global art galleries and exhibitions. Shedding light on the importance of art history, the experts are going to be visually walking attendees through everything that’s led up to art today. 

A Few Considerations On Museums 

Laurent Le Bon | Président Centre Pompidou 

Monday Oct. 31st 2-3 PM

Ewart Hall 

As propellers of art and the reason it’s in constant circulation, Museums harbour stories, tales of centuries past and actively archive them so that nothing ever goes forgotten. Laurent Le Bon - Président Centre Pompidou and dedicated art director - will speak on the nuanced matter this coming October 31st. 

The MasrKhanka 

Ahmed Karaly | Visual Artist & Sculptor 

Monday Oct. 31st 3-4 PM

Ewart Hall 

The Egyptian sculptor has been examining Egyptian and Islamic architecture through his work for decades. As he consistently bolsters his country’s rich heritage through art, he also powerfully vocalises the importance of doing so. An expert in his field, Karaly’s talk is set to ignite the same fervent passion he has for his art in those attending. 

An Eye On African Art 

Moataz Nasr | Painter, Sculptor & Multimedia Artist 

Tuesday Nov. 1st 1-2 PM

Ewart Hall 

As European art rigorously grows in popularity, the focus on African art and its cultural connotations dwindle. Ensuring Africa’s pivotal art forms never cease to impress and uphold exemplary narratives, Moataz Nasr takes to the TCC stage to keep the conversation going. 

Are You An Artist? 

Reflections from the Jacaranda Tree 

Tarek Atia | Managing Director Tahrir Cultural Centre

Tuesday Nov. 1st 2-3 PM

Ewart Hall 

A four day series of talks would not be complete without a closing conversation from Tahrir Cultural Centre’s Managing director Tarek Atia. Posing the question of ‘Are You An Artist?’, the expert is set to conclude the enriching discussions with a reflection session of his own.