Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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12 Mind Blowing Winning Photos That Should Definitely Be In #ThisIsEgypt

On Sunday, the European Union Delegation to Egypt announced the winners of their 8th annual amateur photography competition entitled 'Egypt is the Gift of the Nile'. The end result is some of the most gorgeous pictures you will ever see of Egypt's key of life, the Nile.

Staff Writer

The Nile is often referred to as the key of life, and without its presence one could argue that Egyptian civilisation wouldn’t have existed. In an attempt to capture the Nile's beauty and importance, the European Union Delegation launched its 8th annual amateur photography competition entitled Egypt is the Gift of the Nile. Launched on September 15th, the aim of the competition was to capture the most breathtaking photos showcasing the Nile's significance in providing life. Since that time, the competition has seen hundreds of entries and, on Sunday, the European Union Delegation to Egypt announced the top 12 winning photos, which arguably put #ThisisEgypt to shame.

Although they picked 30 winners, their Facebook page seems to only show the top 12 entries. Despite the fact that these photos are allegedly taken by amateurs, they totally look professionally stunning. Congratulations to all those who entered - we encourage you to keep snapping as these were some of the best photos of Egypt we’ve ever seen.

The Golden River - Mahmoud Esmat Ahmed
1st place winner

Smile of the Nile - Ramy Haikal
2nd place winner 

Reflection - Farid Abdeen
3rd place winner

Fleet - Hassan Al Metwally Al Kotta
4th place winner

Nile in Egypt- Ahmed Youssry Mahfouz 
5th place winner

Charm of Aswan - Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Salam
6th place winner

The Eternal River - Mohamed Kamal Mohamed
7th place winner 

Crossing the River - Kamal Mounier Dawood
8th place winner

Crossing - Hossam El Metnawy
9th place winner

Man of History - Hassan Elsayad
10th place winner

Alongside the River - Mohamed Rifaat 
11th place winner

Hope Shines - with Ahmed Badr
12th place winner