Monday 28 of November, 2022
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14 Striking Photos of Iconic Cairo Landmarks Then and Now

So much has changed since the 1800s.

Staff Writer

In spite of, or maybe because of, all its shortcomings, Cairo has always been a captivating city that's ever-changing. From the wonder of the Pyramids, to the bustling alleys of Khan El Khalili, people far and wide travel thousands of miles to come marvel at our city's beauty. And thanks to technology throughout the years, we have been able to capture and document this beauty and progression for hundreds of years. We've dug up 14 of the most incredible photos of iconic locations around Cairo, then and now.

Cairo Citadel
Salah El Din Citadel in the 1870s


Kasr El Nil Bridge
Asr El Nil Bridge during its construction 1930s


Khan El Khalili
Khan El Khalili in the 1950s


Cairo Tower

Golf players in Zamalek in front of Cairo Tower in the 1960s


Mohamed Ali Mosque
Mohamed Ali Mosque in 1950


The Pyramids
The Pyramids in the 1980s


Tahrir SquareTahrir Square in 1962