Monday September 25th, 2023
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9 Gorgeous Photos of Worshippers during Night Prayers at Cairo's Iconic Sultan Hassan Mosque

While you were sleeping, Egyptian photographer Mohamed Khaled's lens was shuttering and capturing breathtaking moments of Muslim worshippers performing night prayers at the illustrious Sultan Hassan Mosque.

Staff Writer

Every year, Ramadan comes bearing the gift of love, transforming this enchanting ruin we call home into a bubble of warmth, kindness, and spirituality in a very unforgiving pat of the world.

While you were sleeping, Egyptian photographer Mohamed Khaled ventured into the mean streets of this ancient city to capture the mystical traditions of Ramadan. The worshippers who flocked to the illustrious architectural gem that is the Sultan Hassan Mosque for night prayers couldn’t escape his lens.

Throughout his 3 year career as a photographer, Khaled’s mission has been to show “to show the beauty of simple things in Egypt.”

The photos, taken last Thursday night during Taraweeh prayers, will leave you in awe.

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