Wednesday March 22nd, 2023
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A Chocolate Festival is Actually Happening This Friday Featuring Egypt’s Grooviest Bands

You read that right. New kids on the block Smoove have brought us a chocolate festival in Porto Cairo Mall to inaugurate their first official event and Cairokee, Disco Misr, and Massar Egbari are doing the musical honours!

Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to smother melted chocolate all over your body, in the hope that you would one day become a living block of chocolate yourself? Good for you, that's probably never going to happen. But if you're that enthusiastic about all things chocolate - and if you enjoy good music in your ears, then Taste of Music (Chocolate Volcano) is something you need to know about.

When event organisers and miracle workers Smoove told us that Cairokee, Disco Misr, and Massar Egbari were going to Porto Cairo Mall just for a concert, we got pretty darn excited. But when founder Ahmed Ismail told us that Smoove had actually planned the thing to revolve around chocolate, we felt like we died and went to heaven. A bunch of activities that include something along the lines of a fountain, tasting, decorating, and making chocolate - we're not going to give it all away! This is not a drill; a chocolate festival, aptly named Taste of Music (or Chocolate Volcano; whatever you prefer), is actually happening this Friday the 17th of March at Porto Cairo Mall, and the country’s grooviest bands will be in attendance. And when everyone is done jamming with the bands, and overdosing on chocolate, Smoove will light up the sky with massive lanterns in a special light show.
If you’re a British University Egypt student (or a BUEian as the kids like to call it), you’re probably already familiar with Smoove. Operating under the student activity umbrella, they organised and ushered loads of BUE events over the years; from graduation ceremonies and sports events, to festivals and theatrical performances since 2012. As a close group of friends who thoroughly enjoyed this line of work, graduating and parting ways was not going to be so easy. “I’m an engineering graduate,” tells Ismail. “It took me two years after I graduated to finally follow my dream and make Smoove a reality.”

It was New Year’s of 2016 when Ismail organised and ushered a party to ring in 2017 with his team. “Everyone who had graduated joined me at that time, it was like old times, we were a family again,” recalls Ismail.

Maintaining the original concept and its vision, Smoove officially became an events managing firm from that moment and now prides itself on being able to organise all kinds of events; from creating the original concept, to executing the finest details. This variable flexibility is exactly where their #TwoSides campaign was born. 

To mark the hosting of their first official event, Taste of Music (Chocolate Volcano), Smoove has coined the term #TwoSides, which best reflects the company and its work. “We can organise anything from a formal Omar Khairat concert, to a nightlife party,” explains Amr Selouky, Smoove's marketing manager. “The term reflects the diversity of our team. It doesn’t matter what we’re working on, as long as we enjoy every moment of it.”To be completely fair, that’s all fun and games, but the real point here is our pending death by chocolate, this coming Friday. And when we die, we want to be placed in a casket made from chocolate (obviously), and buried using a giant chocolate fountain to make sure we’re properly submerged.

Be sure to check out Smoove's new website, which just launched a few days ago!

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Taste of Music is organised by Smoove and Merge.

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