Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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This Unified Blacklist Will Ban Violent Individuals from 13 of Egypt’s Most Popular Nightlife Venues

Nacelle, ByGanz, Zigzag, Loft 21, CJC, and others, join forces in a major initiative to fight for tolerance, non-violence, and acceptance in Egypt's clubbing scene.

Staff Writer

In a collective effort to improve the clubbing experience in Egypt, 13 of Egypt's most prominent nightlife venues just announced the establishment of a unified blacklist in order to enforce a culture of non-violence, tolerance, and acceptance. The news was made public by ByGanz on Instagram.

The long list of venues, which includes Blurr, Nacelle, ByGanz, Zigzag, Loft 21, and many others, will enforce a 3-6 months non-discriminative ban on any individual involved in incidents of physical violence and intolerance at their venues.Clubbing violence is a phenomenon affecting nightlife culture around the world, resulting from alcohol induced heightened irritability and judgment impairment.