Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Art D'Egypte Announces Lineup of Int'l Artists for 'Forever is Now II'

After months of buzz, the long-awaited global artist roster for the second edition of the iconic Forever is Now exhibition at the Pyramids of Giza has been announced.

Fadila Khalid

Last year, CulturVator's Art D'Egypte launched the ‘Forever is Now’ exhibit - and it was the first time in history that an exhibition of that nature had taken place at the Great Pyramids of Giza. With ten installations by some of the art world’s most renowned contemporary artists including the likes of French artist JR and British duo Shuster and Moseley, the event ensnared the attention of billions around the world.

Not ones to do things by halves, Art D’Egypte’s founder, Nadine Abdel-Ghaffar, decided to bring back the wondrous exhibit for a second edition. Between October 27th and November 30th, new larger-than-life art installations by some of the world’s most talented and prolific contemporary artists will once more grace the Giza Plateau.


Internationally acclaimed French street artist JR is best known for his infamously epic art installations in the most unconventional of global locations resulting in what he dubs “the largest art gallery in the world.”

eL Seed 

Known for his use of Arabic calligraphy and poetry, international award-winning French-Tunisian artist, eL Seed, has led a prolific career in creating large installations that allow him to tell stories through both the artwork itself and its chosen medium.

Jwan Yosef 

Jwan Yosef is a Syrian-born and Swedish-raised visual artist whose first solo exhibition in 2013 won multiple global awards, firmly gaining him a seat at the proverbial table and catapulting him to stardom.


Spanish artist SpY is best known for transforming public spaces into full-blown experiences through artistic interventions. His ambitious large-scale installations - designed and produced from his platform, SpY Studio, a lab space with an eclectic team of technical specialists and craftsmen - have taken over major cities all over the globe.

Pascale Marthine Tayou

The Cameroonian artist changed his first and middle names to blur the boundaries between ascribed genders and ironically distance himself from the importance of artistic authorship. Tayou's work is composed of mobile sculptures, illustrations, videos, and installations.

Emilio Ferro

Italian artist Emilio Ferro embraces the immaterial as his medium of choice, manifesting light and sound to create light art installations for public spaces, museums, and foundations that deeply explore the impact of man on nature.

Zeinab AlHashemi

Emirati multimedia artist Zeinab AlHashemi’s installations examine the contrast between abstract geometric shapes often associated with urbanism and the UAE's natural landscapes, disrupting nature's familiar colours and textures with striking industrial materials such as mesh metals.

Mohammad AlFaraj (

Mohammad AlFaraj is a Saudi artist who uses an amalgamation of photography, sculpture, and poetry to tell the stories of his hometown and beyond. His striking images often utilise organic and inorganic waste to great effect; discarded palm leaves and trunks are contrasted with graffiti drawn on aged walls that have already begun to crumble.

Ahmed Karaly

Accomplished Egyptian sculptor, Ahmed Karaly has been examining Egyptian and Islamic architecture through his work for decades. 'El Masr Khanke', his most famous project, structurally redeveloped Islamic architecture by constructing and visualizing an entire city down to its very last detail.

Therese Antoine Louis

Alexandria-based sculptor, Therese Antoine Louis, is an award-winning artist known for her focus on streamlining body shapes into simple abstract, geometrical forms, covering themes such as the identity of self and the necessity of confrontation.

Natalie Clark

Natalie Clark is a classically trained British-American sculptor, collector, educator, and author who takes inspiration from cultures the world over to combine modern design with indigenous art forms, enabling her to hold exhibitions across the world’s continents.