Thursday June 8th, 2023
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Experimental Folk Music Documentary Ahl El Fan is Now Available on Vimeo

The musical documentary is a readaptation of the niche, experimental folk shows that you may see at venues such as the El Sawy Culturewheel.

Staff Writer

Nos Divas, or Ahl El Fan, is director Tamer Eissa’s newest work of experimental art published on Vimeo. The 44-minute music and story set has been produced in collaboration with El Warsha, and features the likes of Hassan El Geretly, Issa Murad, Shady Atef, Aya El Rawi, Dalia El-Guindy and Mido Ismail.

The short film has no plot or actors as we'd expect them. It is not a traditional cinematic production in the slightest—rather, it is an experimental folk music set joined with bellydance routines by Aya El Rawi, and personal stories shared by each of the artists, some of which include monologues acted out by fellow musicians.

Experimental performances you’d likely see in El Sawy Culture Wheel or small speakeasy venues in downtown Cairo are readapted for film. The black and white production is a thought-provoking, raw piece of work that allows for an intimate entry into the details of each artist’s psyche , and as viewers we learn that music and living are suddenly not such a different thing, after all.