Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Funding Dance in Egypt

After facing major obstacles and hardships under the Muslim Brotherhood last year, the Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre are back in full swing.

Staff Writer

Funding Dance in Egypt

Last year we reported on the seemingly doomed fate of the Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre, who were facing extinction following the Muslim Brotherhood-appointed new Minister of Culture. Day and night they held sit-ins (and dance-ins) at the Opera House to protest the new government policies, until June 30 when Morsi was ousted. A year later and CCDC are back on their feet, providing full-time educational programmes dedicated to training professional contemporary choreographers, dancers, dance teachers and dance researchers. It's also one of the very few independent spaces for contemporary dance that exist in the Middle East.

CCDC are currently looking for funding to bolster their momentum and improve working conditions in their space. You can donate to their cause on Indiegogo here.