Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Hip to be The Square: Film Wins 3 Emmys

The Square continues with its list of accolades, landing three Emmy awards out of the four it was nominated for this year.

Staff Writer

The Square has done it again, and scooped another flurry of awards on the red carpet. The documentary, which proved once and for all that art doesn't always imitate life, has scooped three Emmy awards just months after being nominated for an award the Oscars.

The movie won awards for ‘Outstanding Cinematography for Non-fiction Programming,’ ‘Outstanding Direction for Non-fiction Programming,’ and ‘Outstanding Picture Editing for Non-fiction Programming.’

The documentary, which tells the tale of Egypt’s protests since the January 25 revolution, had been nominated for a fourth award, ‘Outstanding Documentary or Non-fiction Special,’ but sadly missed out on the top spot.

The first award for cinematography was shared by Jehane Noujaim, Muhammed Hamdy, Ahmed Hassan and Cressida Trew. The second award for outstanding directing was won by Jehane Noujaim. Meanwhile, the third award for picture editing was jointly won by Pedro Kos, Christopher de la Torre and Mohamed El Manasterly.

The Square has wowed audiences across the globe, despite never actually receiving the green light for release here in Egypt.