Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Win A Scooter With Cook Door

Cook Door's latest campaign gives you the chance to win a brand new Peugeot 125CC scooter. Read the details here!

Staff Writer

Many people dream of cruising down the highway; wind blowing through your hair, your girl riding behind you, almost literally throwing your worries to the wind. For most, that dream remains just that, a dream. However, Cook Door is giving you the opportunity to turn this dream into a reality.

For two weeks, the sandwich maestros will be giving you two opportunities a week to win a fabulous Peugeot 125CC scooter. "What’s the catch?" we hear you frantically type. It’s very simple, dear reader. Twice a week, Cook Door will be giving you a simple task to complete, based around a photo of you and whomever you want to include. To keep you on your toes, these tasks may be given on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or a combination of the three. To kick off this exciting new competition, the first brief is “خليك على طبيعتك”. For those non-Arabic speaking peeps out there, that simply means “be yourself.”

Now we all know being yourself can be shockingly hard, but try hard to look like you’re not trying too hard, and take care to make sure that you look like you don’t care, because there’s a set of super sweet wheels at stake here people! To enter, simply post a photo of yourself being yourself on Instagram, with the hashtag خليك_على_طبيعتك# to get in with a chance of winning a set of super-speedy wheels. Check out the competition, and much more on Facebook and Instagram.