Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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In Conversation With El Sofara’s Taha Desouky

We caught up with Taha Desouky, star of Ramadan series El Sofara, as he takes us behind the scenes of the hit show.

Farah Desouky

When he’s not hurtling through timelines and engaging in all sorts of time travel-related wackiness as the star of the new Ramadan comedy series ‘El Sofara’, Taha Desouky (or ‘Tahz’ to his friends) likes to dig into platefuls of moussaka or game with his friends - no matter how much he ends up losing. Two years since he first collaborated with Ahmed Amin in ‘Amin W Shorakaoh’, Desouky and Amin are once again bringing their comedic chemistry to our TVs as they try to win the heart of a beautiful coworker, and end up getting magically transported to different points of history thanks to a mystical ancient Egyptian whistle.

We caught up with Desouky as he takes us behind the scenes of the hit series and his ‘real life’ sense of humour.