Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Karim Abdelaziz & Mona Zaki Reunite on Screen in New Film ‘Le3b 3eyal’

From ‘Edhak El Soora Tetlaa Helwa’ (1998) to ‘Welad El A’am’ (2009), the duo is back at it in 2023!

Farah Desouky

Long-time collaborators and superstars, Mona Zaki and Karim Abdelaziz reunite on-screen after 14 years apart in a new film titled 'Le’ab Eyal'.

The two actors began their careers with leading roles in 'Edhak El Soora Telaa’ Helwa' in 1998, and have since co-starred in popular romcoms like 'Leh Khaletny Ahebak' (2000) and 'Abu Ali' (2005) The last time they worked together was in 'Welad El A’am' (2009), an intense thriller with international intrigue. They will finally reunite in  'Le’ab Eyal', a new comedy film directed by Tarek Al Arian, with filming scheduled to begin in December.

Zaki is currently shooting a mini-series titled ‘Tale’a Nazel’, while Abdelaziz is set to star in an intense new Ramadan show titled 'El Hashasheen'.