Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Korba Festival Lives On

The Korba Festival is back for its 9th edition, promising a fun-filled day for all the family. Yay!

Staff Writer

Korba Festival Lives On

The famous Korba festival is set to take place once again this year at, you guessed it, Korba! We love a good old festival here at CairoScene, loads of Egyptians crowded together in one place, making noises, shopping at street stalls... Wait, that's just walking outside.

The festival is set to take place on Friday 28th March, nine years after it's inaugural event in 2005. One member of the CairoScene team recalls: "I was there, it probably marked the first time I started smoking heavily as the cigarettes that were hanging, broken-necked in the square did nothing to deter my cravings," adding that "there was cotton candy." One facet of the first event, which was organised by Suzan Mubarak was to promote her new anti-smoking campaign. Since then, cigarette prices have gone up and the big tobacco companies have paved the way for droves of children to realise their DJing dreams. Now, the Korba Festival lives on "for peace," assistant marketing manager of Cairo Zone, the company organising the event now, tells us. 

Korba is opened up to pedestrians for this one day, with traffic diverted around the area. Families can attend the festival free of charge and enjoy an array of lovely dovely types of entertainment, draw on the streets and generally get up to a bunch of yay-ness. The musical highlights on the day include rapper Zap Tharwat, Massar Egbari, Ashara Gharbi, Malaleem, Sarah El Gohary and many more! And, of course, there will be candy floss.

Peace. Neek.