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Marwan Pablo Steps Down From the Rap Game to Seek Religion

The Alexandrian trap star surprised everyone when he deleted all his YouTube videos last month and announced his departure from the music scene, and now we know why.

marwan pablo

After our sister site Scene Noise shared the news last month that he’ll be quitting music altogether, Marwan Pablo - one of Alexandria’s undoubtedly favourite sons -  has announced that he is 100% out of the rap game and has kindly asked his fans to stop pressuring him as he repents to God.

The ‘Folklor’ and ‘El Gemeza’ trap star is the latest in a line of rappers around the world to turn to holy matters at some point in their careers - think DMX becoming a pastor, Run DMC’s Run Simmons becoming a minister, Snoop Dogg becoming a rasta (a bit dubious) or Kanye becoming a follower of Yeezus.

On his Instagram, Pablo wrote, “Please, no one ask me to come back. I’m repenting to God right now, and praying that God accepts it for me. I hope anyone who hears me and believes me does the same. God forgive me and guide me and keep me strong and forgive me. This is not up for discussion, thank you for understanding.”

He has deleted all of his previous posts on his Instagram account except that of a soft drink advert, which just goes to show that - while rap might be off the books - at least there is still space for capitalism in religion.

 IIf you want to hear more from the regional music scene, follow our sister site @scenenoise or And if you’re looking to listen to Marwan Pablo's discography, head to Anghami, as all of his previous tracks have been removed from YouTube.

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