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Mashrou' Leila Just Released a New Video And It's Everything We Want It to Be

Veiled women, abandoned buildings, and massive political statements. It's everything you want the band to give us.

Mashrou’ Leila just released a new single and it’s what you'd expect from them. Colourful, thought-provoking, and empowering. The video shows a group of veiled women on their way to what seems like an abandoned house in which one of the women dances boldly and presents herself as the hero of the story. The description on the band's YouTube channel adds "the video shows Arab and Muslim women in an empowered light to fight their victimisation in Western media."

The song’s narrative focuses on the women in order to shed light on the ‘different modalities of Middle Eastern feminism’. Its chorus repeats the phrase aleihom which translates to ‘charge!’ while portraying a resistance against oppression and struggle in the song's verses.