Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Nafas: A Culinary Breath Of Fresh Air

New local food project Nafas is an agroculinary school that reimagines the kitchen through a creative, interactive experience, and will be hosting their first adult cooking class tomorrow!

Staff Writer

Nafas: A Culinary Breath Of Fresh Air
It's not news that we love to stuff our faces; our food-related lists and fancypants food reviews can attest. Some of us (and you, don't lie) will eat absolutely anything. Kebda w sogo2 from a hole-in-the-wall? Check. Authentic Italian? Check. McDonald's and Pizza Hut and Hardees and day-old Doritos? Check. Maybe it's the fast-paced nature of the world we live in, and the fact that almost everyone offers a delivery service, but sometimes we can't help but wonder what happened to family dinners around the delicious creations that would come out of mama or teta's kitchen. Maybe it's because their kitchens don't offer delivery. Interesting perspective, isn't it? Our perception of how we consume has shifted so much and, even though our stomachs are used to dealing with whatever we put in them, they're definitely not happy. Bringing us back to where we should be, Nafas is a new endeavour seeking to "reimagine the kitchen" through a creative, interactive experience. 
People come together over food - especially Egyptians. Food then becomes an integral part of our relationships with one another - it becomes part of something bigger than just putting fuel in our systems. For Nafas, food becomes "the vehicle through which to learn about ecological, nutritional, and social issues surrounding food." Zooming out from our otherwise  convenience-and consumption-based approach to food, Nafas considers that all elements of the meal-making process - from the kitchen to the cook to the diner - are part of larger ecological cycles. It's a matter of perspective, perhaps.
Seeking to bridge the divide between between producers and consumers of food, Nafas is an advocate for gardening and growing your own food - or, at least knowing what's in your food and where your food comes from. As this concept is farfetched to some, this is where Nafas comes in. An agroculinary school, Nafas offers classes for adults and children, as well as welcoming school trips, all for the purpose of providing hands-on, practical lessons and experiences in what it takes to produce good, clean meals.
The agroculinary gurus will be launching their adult cooking classes with a promo class tomorrow November 17th in which you'll learn to prepare finger foods for parties the clean and healthy way. Find out how to "make food that is good for your body, good for the planet, and good for each other." We will be there front and centerm cooking up a storm! Or, y'know trying to not chop off any fingers or set the kitchen on fire. 
Check out Nafas on Facebook for more details on how to RSVP or follow them on Instagram @nafasegypt.