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Ptolemaic Limestone Blocks Uncovered in Sohag

The discoveries were made as part of an archaeological mission in the village of Kom Ashqaw in Sohag.

limestone rocks sohag archaeology

Five Ptolemaic limestone blocks have been uncovered in a range of various sizes during an excavation project in the Kom Ashqaw village in Sohag. The blocks have since been moved to the recently-discovered Ptolemy IV temple that is located in the same village, according to the head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Dr. Mostafa Waziri.

The blocks were allegedly part of a shrine dedicated to the god Osiris, likely built during the era of King Ptolemy I. 

The first block is decorated with patterns that, according to Mohamed Abdul Budaiya, head of the central administration of Upper Egypt, appear to be part of a palace's facade. The second block illustrates two scenes showing King Ptolemy I making an offering of clothing to Osiris, while the third block shows King Ptolemy I offering a necklace to Osiris while Isis stands behind him. The other blocks appear to show parts of a similar scene, although they are too fragmented to tell for certain.

This discovery comes after last year's plethora of archaeological finds in Egypt. The discoveries are expected to help revive tourism in Egypt, and have already put the country well on its way to attracting interest from history aficionados and artefact enthusiasts alike. To learn more about these fascinating finds, check out CairoScene's roundup of Egypt’s Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2019.

(***Photo credit: the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Facebook page). 

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