Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Ready For An Evening of Musical Fun In Korba?

Get dancin' in the streets of Korba this Saturday with a band dedicated to Music in Egypt's Streets.

Staff Writer

El 7ayah min gheer mazzika zay 2alam min gheer asteeka. Be it Jazz, R&B, Pop, Sha3by, or Fusion, we all need music in our lives one way or another. We could be chillaxing at home listening to some sexy tunes, showering as we sing our hearts out, driving and cruising around the streets of Cairo as we sing along to our radio, or even just walking around humming that one song we can’t get out of our heads. And who doesn’t jump at the first opportunity to go to a concert or any live music event? Some people see music as a way of life, while others see it as an escape from reality; Ashraf, Ragi, and Mark see it as “man’s innate duty to spread art.” These three dudes are the talented artists behind the band Musica fi Shaware3 Masr (Music in Egypt's Streets) and, on Saturday the 12th from 6 PM till 9 PM, they will be hitting the streets of Korba with their music.


Having started in the fall of 2015, these guys literally do justice to their name. They go out to different public street locations around Cairo to play their engaging and encaptivating music to the Egyptian public, always making sure that everyone is having fun and singing along. According to the band, “Music is beauty that brings us closer to both God and each other. Our goal is to spread beauty, peace, happiness, and love through our music, and that is what we want to make sure people feel everywhere we go.” With only a cello, a guitar, and a cajón at hand, these awesome guys play and sing their hearts out with so much passion and vigour, leaving a memorable mark everywhere they go. So if you want some music and fun to light up your Saturday evening , head on out to Korba and do a little dancin' in the streets.

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