Thursday July 25th, 2024
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The Best Egyptian TV Series of 2023

Whether it’s Mohamed Ramadan finding his kidnapped son or Ahmed Amin turning back time, these series got us hooked in 2023.

Nouran Saleh

The Best Egyptian TV Series of 2023

From Ramadan dramas to binge-worthy streaming shows, Egyptian series have delivered some truly outstanding performances and enriching storytelling this year. Whether it’s about the challenges of marriage, the harsh realities of being a single mother in Egypt, or uncovering the truth about a mysterious black box, we’ve compiled a list of the best mosalsalat that 2023 had to offer.


Directed by Omar El Mohandes 


Based on the novel ‘Balto W Fanela W Tab’ by Ahmed Atef Fayyad, the 15-episode comedy follows the antics of Atef Kamal, a recent graduate from medical school depicted by Essam Omar, who struggles with culture shock after he gets stationed in the rural village of Tarshookh El Leif.

El Harsha Al Sab’a

Directed by Karim El Shenawy 


Starring Amina Khalil, Mohamed Shahin, Asmaa Galal and Aly Kassem, the Ramadan mini series takes us into the lives of two couples as they navigate the tumultuous journey of love. With engaging characters and fresh cinematography, the series kept us intrigued from the first episode and had us rooting for the couples - or one of them, at least.

Safah El Giza

Directed by Hadi El Bagoury


Based on a true story, this chilling thriller sees Ahmed Fahmy take on his first drama role as a serial killer. Gory scenes were combined with the entracing beats of El Waili to produce some eerie scenes. We have to admit that we’ll always feel a different kind of fear whenever we hear Badreya Al Sayed’s ‘Al Adl Fo’ El Gamea’ start playing as Fahmy gets transfixed on cooking some elaborate meal before his next kill.

El Soffara

Directed by Alaa Ismail


What if you had a magic whistle that can turn back time? After the miserable Shafeeq is given such a whistle by a mysterious man in a museum, he goes back to the moment that altered his life for the worse. In a charming portrayal by Ahmed Amin, Shafeeq keeps whistling through time whenever the new life he’s given doesn’t live up to his expectations. Ahmed Amin and Taha Dessoukey deliver a brotherly dynamic that kept us laughing and, at times, pulled at our heartstrings.

Gaafar El Omda

Directed by Mohamed Samy


Mohamed Ramadan’s TV series are always known for their over-the-top outrageousness and this year was no different. Gafaar El Omda follows our protagonist, Gaafar, on his action-packed quest to get back his son who was kidnapped mere seconds after he was born.

Batn Al Hout

Directed by Ahmed Fawzy


With a stacked cast including ike Mohammed Farrag, Bassem Samra and Samah Anwar, the newly-released ‘Batn Al Hout’ is still ongoing. Samra plays a seedy criminal in charge of his own drug empire who gets thrown in jail. His religious younger brother, played by Farrag, takes charge of the business to get his brother released from prison. The show explores the resentful dynamics between the two brothers and their family, while they go through a series of increasingly tense scenarios.

Taht El Wesaya

Directed by Mohammed Shaker Khodeir


Taht El Wesaya follows the story of ‘Hannan’ portrayed by the brilliant Mona Zaki as she struggles with guardianship over her children’s money after her husband’s death. This one was a tear dropper for sure with some heart wrenching scenes of Hanan trying to survive while making a living for her kids. The show brought some important conversations to the forefront regarding guardianship laws, while embodying feminist themes that shows what it is like to be a single mother in Egypt.


Directed by Yehia Ismail 

Comedy Drama 

Newly released and still ongoing, Zeinhom has already made a splash with its dark comedy and star studded cast. Ahmed Dawood plays Zeinhom, a coroner whose line of work exposes him to crimes daily as he tries to find the truth behind his father’s murder. Despite the seemingly bleak premise, the series is underlined with a playfulness that helps set a lighter mood that kept us engaged.

Al Sandooq

Directed by Marwan Abdelmoniem


Featuring young stars Ahmed Dash, Aly Assem and Huda Al Mufti, the story begins when a mysterious black box is sent to a party, sending our trio headfirst into a whirlwind mystery full of twists, turns and plenty of crimes.

Kamel Al Adad

Directed by Khaled El Halafawy

Comedy Drama 

This dramedy is a modern day take on the 1976 film ‘Alam Eyal Eyal’. Much like the original film, the Ramadan series follows two single parents - portrayed by Dina El Sherbiny and Sherif Salama - who each have many children. But when they fall in love and get married, they find themselves in a pretty cramped living situation! With its modern social dynamics, loyal audiences were pleased to learn it has been renewed for a second season…

Hadath Bel Fe’el

Directed by Mohamed Hisham Al Rashidi



An anthology based on true events, in which every three episodes follows a new story with its own cast. The series features Ghada Abdelrazek, Sherine Reda, Dina El Sherbiny, Karim Fahmy and many more as they explore themes of mental illness, and the effects it has on oneself and their social lives. The show will soon release their fourth story titled ‘Kamla’ featuring Aya Samaha, following her character’s struggle with anorexia.


Directed by Mai Mamdouh 


A modern adaptation of Alexander Dumas’ ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’, which tells a story of a man betrayed by his closest friend and sent to prison, losing the love of his life in the process. ‘Rasheed’ embodied themes of loss, revenge, and the utter injustice that shook the audiences to their core thanks to the sterling performances of Mohammed Mamdouh and Riham Abdelghaffour.

Sout W Sora

Directed by Mohamed Abdeltawab

Crime Drama 

A gripping murder mystery at heart, the series cleverly explores the effect that artificial intelligence has on modern society while bringing issues such as workplace harassment to the forefront. The show features a brilliant cast including Hanan Metawea, Morad Makram, Sedky Sakhr and Naglaa Fathy.