Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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The Pyramid to Strike Fear in Cinemas

Alexandre Aja's upcoming spine-curdling thriller The Pyramid is set to have you at the edge of your seat next December in an adventure that will take you to the depths of the Ancient Egyptian underworld.

Staff Writer

Ancient Egypt and horror films have long had an interesting relationship that began with Abbot and Costello being chased by a mummy. From then on countless movies have used mummies and Ancient Egyptian mythology to scare viewers all around the world. Looking to continue in this tradition is Alexandre Aja, famed filmmaker of horror films (like Hills Have Eyes and Horns), with a film aptly entitled The Pyramid.

Taking on the role of producer, Aja has enlisted Grégory Levasseur (High Tension, Mirrors) to direct his latest scare flick. As you can imagine, the film takes place in Egypt, and follows a cast of characters that unearth a new pyramid. As they begin exploring the labyrinthine structure, they quickly realize that they are trapped in a archaeologist's worst nightmare filled with the ancient undead.

The trailer tries to leave the threat ambiguous, but careful examinations reveals that the creature on a murderous rampage is a human-dog crossbreed that is likely Anubis, the Egyptian god of death and the afterlife.

The film is set to premier on December 5, 2014. As always, it is unclear when or not it will make cinemas in Egypt, but considering how many times The Mummy and its sequels air on MBC channels, we are sure that Egyptians will get to see it at some point, and eventually hate it at some other point.