Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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The Suhayr El-Qalamawi Writing and Drawing Competition for Children is Open for Submissions

The Supreme Council of Culture has launched he Suhayr El-Qalamawi Writing and Drawing Competition for Egyptians under 18, with a grand prize of EGP 3,000.

Staff Writer
So, summer’s rolled around again – and while things have started to open up, we're still running into limits. And we know that if there's anything young talents hate, it's limits on when they can express themselves. Giving them the opportunity to show off their skills, the Supreme Council of Culture has launched a writing and drawing competition for children and teenagers under 18 years of age, with a first place prize of EGP 3,000!

The ‘Suhayr Al-Qalamawi Writing and Drawing Competition’ is named after Cairo University’s first woman lecturer who is famous for her fiercely feminist literature, and this year, the theme of the contest is “My Country, Egypt." Applicants are required to draw or write something in Arabic that expresses what Egypt means to them. The submission can be about their goals and wishes for the country, or what they like and dislike about it. Drawings may be done in any colour except charcoal pen, and the size of the canvas needs to be limited to 50CMX70CM. As for stories and written entries, applicants need to send in three printed copies. Most importantly, these works can’t be submitted to any other competition until the results are announced – and the pieces won’t be considered if they have been previously submitted to another competition and won.

The submissions need to include a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate, a photocopy of their parent’s national ID, and a bank letter with the parent’s account number – all of which needs to be sent to the Supreme Council of Culture at 1 Galabeya St. – Opera – Al Gezirah, Zamalek. Find the application form at and make sure to send it in by September 30th.