Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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The Zawya Initiative

Misr International Films is launching its latest project, Zawya, combining both cinema and culture for a cinephile's wet dream.

Staff Writer

Movie buffs rejoice! Misr International Films' Zawya (which means 'perspective' in Arabic, for all you foreign kids) comes to life on March 12th. The new initiative is basically a series of art-house films screened in existing cinemas. Not Nile City/City Stars La-Z-Boy film theatres, but old, downtown cinemas that have character, with that Instagrammable, vintage style, making you feel all authentic and artsy about yourself. They'll be making use of these long-forgetten cinemas and screening an alternative selection of films; both local, independent movies from the region, to encourage and promote the work of young Egyptian and Arab filmmakers (woo go Masr!), as well as movies from Europe and the rest of the world.

In addition to this, Zaywa's programme will include special events, retrospectives, film discussions and master classes throughout the year, so if you are of the underground cinema loving variety who knows what terms like "New Wave" actually mean and feel the need to discuss, in-depth, every movie after you've seen it, you'll defos enjoy this. They will also be giving special attention to the concept of 'Education and Cinema', developing a strong educational programme with schools and universities in Egypt. Zawya will open in the newly renovated Cinema Odeon (not so forgotten after all!) in Downtown Cairo.

To check out Zawya's Facebook page click here.