Saturday June 15th, 2024
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This Designer Creates Artistic Lighting Units Out of The Junk She Finds

Lighting aficionado Ghada Dwaik founder of GD Designs uses her brilliant vision and expertise to make pieces fit for any Cairo home.

Staff Writer

This Designer Creates Artistic Lighting Units Out of The Junk She Finds

Originally a product designer, Ghada Dwaik, the masterful and creative mind behind GD | Designs, decided to take the plunge and leave her job to explore her artistic side, "After two months, I was in Khan El Khalili where I fell in love with the pieces they had, and I wanted to use them in a different and new way, something like lighting units and such using bulbs, so I started buying two or three pieces to do my own thing on at my place, and when I'd made about ten pieces, I started posting on Instagram, and I was surprised at the amount of positive feedback I got."

Ghada manages to make whatever object that piques her interest into a vibrant and luminous expression of her inner artistic vision, creating some truly unique pieces from things you wouldn't give much of an afterthought. Not only does her work liven up your interior decor, but it also adds an element of subtle, warm lighting to the immediate area, and being an (amateur) fan of good home lighting myself, her work (metaphorically) spoke to me.

"I initially displayed my stuff at a showroom in Furnex, and then Galleria40 mall in Sheikh Zayed contacted me to showcase my pieces, they were trying to be the design district in Egypt, they offered me a store in return for just doing an event and inviting people, to which I agreed." Ghada remarked on her early days in the scene "I had my own store displaying my stuff since last February, like I did in Gouna previously."

Ghada is now a lighting designer, being personally asked to do interior lighting for those interested in her style, in addition to bringing her beautiful creations to life (and light), she even hinted at a "big future project" and we're eager to find out more about her plans.

"I invested my time, money, and everything in this endeavour, to the negativity of many, I wasn't well off financially at the beginning and it was a challenge, but here I am."

You can take a look at Ghada's work on Instagram here and here.