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VIDEO: Why Amr Diab’s 13-Year-Old Daughter Will Probably Become Egypt's Next Viral Sensation

With insanely intense vocals, Amr Diab’s daughter, Jana Diab, is amassing legions of followers with her first music video 'Mouth Taped Shut'.

Egyptian heartthrob and all around entertainer of pop-lovers, Amr Diab, has seemingly passed on his killer talents to his daughter, Jana Diab, who recently released her first song Mouth Taped Shut, in a video that garnered a quarter of a million views in just over 24 hours.

The young, London-based diva - whose English-language songs evoke Rihanna's early undertakings - has already garnered over 250,000 views and a whopping 34.1k following on Instagram. We’re sure this isn’t merely because she is Amr Diab’s daughter, certainly not after hearing her powerful and resonant voice transcend through our screens.