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WATCH: Rash Radio's New Video For Friendzoned

Directed by Ashraf Hamdi and featuring some of Cairo's coolest cats, Rash Radio's new video is out now.

It's happened to all of you at one point in your lifetime: you've waited just as little too long to let your feelings be heard untill one day you're sat three-wheeling, whilst the love of your life flirts away with some asshole and you put a smile on your face like it's nothing, stuck in purgatory untill you go home and cry it out... Or make a song about it.

Indie Folk artist Rash Radio has recently released a new single produced by Neobyrd with an accompanying music video directed by Ashraf Hamdi, at Ahmed Zaatar's Studio X, portraying the misery of being Friendzoned. In the video Rash Radio's stirring, gritty vocals bellow over haunting keys like a minimal The National track, acquiring the help of some of Cairo's cool cats to embody the feeling along with him. Misery loves company. Check out the video below...