Wednesday March 22nd, 2023
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British Tourist Blames Egyptian Hotel For Catching Legionnaires' Disease

A British tourist has allegedly contracted a potentially deadly disease while on vacation in Egypt, which he blames on human excrement he spotted in the Holiday Village resort pool in Sharm el Sheikh.

Staff Writer

While Sharm el Sheikh has been trying to recover from a string of unfortunate events that have negatively impacted the tourism industry, new allegations are being made that a tourist and father from the UK has contracted Legionnaires’ disease, a form of bacterial pneumonia, after spotting human excrement floating in a hotel pool there.

Medical evidence does support his claim of contracting the disease since contaminated bodies of water are one of the most common causes of exposure. The tourist, John Stratton, along with the rest of his family, also complained that the resort was serving them undercooked food, the pool was generally poorly maintained and not clean, and that flies swarmed around their tables, according to The Mirror. Stratton alleges that the whole family got sick, but the father was the most severely afflicted member of his family. As per The Mirror, Stratton was confirmed to have contracted the disease after being hospitalised when he returned home from his trip.

The British tourist is now seeking legal recourse against the hotel, claiming that he is unable to work after contracting the disease, which will most likely adversely affect the resort that is probably already struggling.

It is not known whether the excrement was there accidentally or deliberately, but this may be part of global trend amongst young tourist called 'logging' – the act of purposely leaving excrement in a hotel pool. Metro News reported that, in 2014, the Holiday Village resort issued a warning that any tourists caught logging would be fined, as logging is particularly popular amongst British tourists according to the owners of the resort.