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Cops to be Arrested For Stealing 2000LE at Fake Checkpoint

After a Cairo driver filed a complaint that uniformed officers demanded money from him for no justifiable reason, it has been revealed that two members of the police force have been setting up bogus checkpoints.

There isn’t a driving Egyptian who hasn’t been stopped in a makeshift checkpoint manned by two officers. Understanding the need for security, many oblige to whatever the officers ask, however in Egypt there are plenty of bad officers who abuse the powers. Looking to root out the bad apples, prosecutors have ordered the arrest of two police officers for setting up a fake security road block and stealing money from civilians.

Upon investigating the matter, prosecution have revealed that the bogus checkpoint was set up on the Cairo-Suez road by an officer and a corporal at the Shorouk police station. In one instance, the officers were able to take 2,000 EGP from a driver. Searching for justice, the unnamed driver filed a report telling prosecution that the officers were in uniform at the time of incident, and stopped the vehicle to ask for his license and registration before confiscating the cash for no reason. This is not the first complaint lodged against the officers as allegedly they have committed other crimes including stealing from a homeowner under a false pretext to conduct a search of his residence.

As it stands there is very little accountability for crooked cops which why arresting these two officers is significant.