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Delta-Based Ecotech Plstka to Expand Across Egypt Following New Funds

Despite only operating in the Nile Delta region, Plstka's app - which rewards users for good eco-practices - is landing on the radars of Egypt's biggest investors.

Plstka, an Egyptian ecotech startup, has successfully raised an undisclosed seed funding round from Alexandria Angels Network with a matching fund from Hivos. A rewarding app, Plstka helps customers get benefits from their solid waste with a B2B-IoT supply chain system for waste management. 

Founded in 2021, the app exchanges solid trash with discounts and coupon vouchers for various uses such as F&B vendors, medical services, and transportation or let customers buy products at a lower than market price.

Plstka, named after the Arabic word for ‘a piece of plastic’ also offers an in-game experience called ‘Plstka Profitable Competition’ which allows users to compete with each other to raise more awareness about plastic waste.

“Waste management industry has become a necessity and an important part of our growing global economy. The world is shifting to green energy and waste management and Plstka is targeting a blue ocean market in Egypt’s Delta where there is a huge potential for the waste management industry to grow and expand locally and globally,” said AlexAngels' angel investor  Dr. Khalid Al Tawil.