Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Prosecution Blame Brotherhood & Ultras for Football Disaster

Egypt's prosecution has accused the Muslim Brotherhood of arming Zamalek's Ultras with explosive materials and causing the fatal stampede in February of this year.

Staff Writer

Prosecution Blame Brotherhood & Ultras for Football Disaster

Just as news breaks that an officer will faces charges for killing Shaimaa El-Sabbagh, comes news from the same prosecutor office that the Egypt’s banned Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Zamalek’s hard-core supporters, the White Knights, were behind the football disaster that killed at least 20 fans in February.

Hours before kickoff between Zamalek and ENPPI, a stampede was triggered after fans attempted to get into the stadium through the only narrow gate granting access to the pitch. The prosecution claims that the death were the result of the Brotherhood paying members of the White Knights and supplying them with “explosive materials” in effort to spread violence and mayhem.

This notion seems ridiculous considering there was clear evidence that security was mismanaged. Fans were forced to enter through one singular metal cage, which ultimately collapsed. At the same time police fired tear gas at the crowds arguably fueling the stampede that resulted in many of the deaths.

Obviously, we cannot confirm the prosecutions claims, but believe that some of the responsibility of this tragedy should fall on the shoulders of the security officials, as they clearly failed to provide security.

UPDATE: Prosecution has released a statement claiming "Some of the suspects who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood have confessed to planning, funding and participating in these crimes to create a state of security destabilisation and ruin the economic summit."