Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Egypt To Cap School Tuition Fees

In an attempt to curb spiraling school costs, the Ministry of Education has announced new measures for private schools.

Staff Writer

The search for quality education at an affordable price can be somewhat of nightmare, as Egyptians parents have become accustomed to annual rises in private education tuition. Looking to curb the annual hike, Egypt's education ministry has passed new regulations that will limit price hikes to every five years, instead of every two.

Despite the economic problems facing Egypt, tuition prices have continued to soar with each passing year, effectively making it harder for middle class families to afford a proper education for their children. As it stands tuition fees range from LE600 for Egyptian schools to a ridiculous LE85,000 for American or 'international' schools.

In a country that has a troubling illiteracy rate, the need for proper education reform is direly needed. In effort to make education more affordable the Ministry of Education, under a separate decision in July, decided that schools charging LE4000 annually can only raise fees by 3%, while schools charging annual fees of under LE600 can raise there fee up to 17%.

"Regulations governing the works of private schools are adopted with complete transparency that neither is unfair towards school owners nor puts parents under the school owners' thumbs," spokesperson Hani Kamal told Ahram Online.

By regulating tuition fees and creating a tuition ceiling, the ministry hopes the changes will increase the number of students able to afford quality education, but are quick to note that tuition ceiling in place for 2014/2015 could be changed.