Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Egyptian Cop Probed Over Teen Sex Assault

An Imbaba police officer is facing questioning over the attack of an 18-year old disabled girl, while fears of a cover-up begin circulating.

Staff Writer

An Egyptian police officer is currently being investigated over the sexual assault of a teenager known to suffer from mental disabilities. The vile attack is alleged to have taken place in Imbaba police station after the girl, 18, called cops to report a brutal kidnapping and sexual assault. The cop in question is being held in custody for a further 15 days awaiting further investigations by state prosecution.

Forensics Authority spokesman Hisham AbdelHameed claims that the victim's clothing may provide vital clues in the case. However, the clothing is unavailable for examination sparking fears of a cover-up. Forensics experts claim that the victim's clothes were taken and washed by bystanders during the original attack.

Abdel Hameed added that they “found no proof that [the victim] was subjected to assault in both cases." The incident came just days after three police officers were suspended for tampering with the corpse of a recorded criminal in the morgue of Khanka Hospital.

Earlier this year campaigners claimed that Egyptian cops were using rape as a weapon against opposition detainees. In 2013, 21 men claimed that they were sexually assaulted by officers after they were arrested for attending a protest in Cairo.