Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Egyptian Court Sentences Policeman to 8 Years For Beating Vet to Death

In November, an officer beat a veterinarian to death in Ismailia, sparking protest against police violence. Today, a court has found the officer, Mohammed Ibrahim guilty, sentencing him to eight years in prison.

Staff Writer

News is emerging that an Egyptian court on Tuesday sentenced a policeman to eight years in prison for beating a veterinarian to death in Ismailia, according to the AP

The incident occurred in November, when police officer Mohammed Ibrahim beat veterinarian, Afifi Afifi, to death and fabricated official documents covering up the murder. The incident instantly sparked outrage and public protest against police violence. The incident, coupled with other instances of police abuse occurring around the same time, prompted President El-Sisi to offer a rare apology to the public for the police abuses.

Beyond the eight-year prison term, the police officer was also fined 5,500 Egyptian pounds for insulting Afifi’s wife.

Many will be relieved that an officer is being held accountable for his crime, however if beating an innocent man to death only receives an 8-year sentence, one wonders what crime an officer must commit to get a life-sentence.