Friday June 14th, 2024
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Egyptian Married Couple Murder their Baby to Avoid Scandal

A husband and wife from Minya are currently facing murder charges for killing their own child, choking the infant with chili peppers, to avoid the scandal that would ensue if people discovered that the woman had gotten pregnant prior to their marriage.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Married Couple Murder their Baby to Avoid Scandal

A husband and wife face charges for murder of their own child to avoid a scandal in their village after it has become clear that the woman was evidently pregnant before marriage.

Major General Hassan Seif, Director of Security in Minya, Southern Egypt received a notification from Beni Mazar police station about a call made by a 19-year-old housewife Mona, based in the residential village of Ashrouba, claiming her husband had murdered their child.

After further investigation, it was clarified that the couple were forced to get married under pressure by their families who were displeased with their premarital relationship. The couple then gave birth to a child only four months after their marriage.

The husband told an official security source of his decision to stuff the infant’s mouth with chili pepper and spices after mutual agreement with his wife. He also added that his wife was not even affected by the infant’s screams.

The couple were then immediately referred to prosecution and will spend 15 days in jail under pending investigation and will face a trial with charges for premeditative homicide.

Having a child out of wedlock is a concept steeped in stigma in Egyptian culture and tradition, and can often lead to the parents taking radical measures to terminate the pregnancy, or be rid of the child.