Friday May 24th, 2024
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MB Moves From UK to Austria

After UK PM David Cameron launched an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood's activities in the country, the organisation has moved its headquarters to Graz, Austria.

Staff Writer

MB Moves From UK to Austria

Controversy and the Muslim Brotherhood seem to go hand in hand. Are they terrorists? Are they platform driven party? Are they angry Islamist with terrible communication skills? Obviously an investigation into their practices are warranted as too many rumours make it impossible to separate fact from fiction. That is exactly what UK Prime Minister David Cameron recently called for, after learning that there headquarters are located in northwest London above a defunct kebab shop in Cricklewood.

Not waiting for the investigation conclude, the Muslim Brotherhood have decided to move their headquarters to Graz, Austria, in an attempt to avoid having to disclose the activities and operations of the controversial group.

As it stands only Egypt and Saudi Arabia have a officially labelled the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist organisation, but if the UK decides to join them, then we assume other countries will follow suit, quickly reducing relocating options.