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Man Arrested For Pretending To Be A Football Coach And Raping 35 Kids

Horrific and unimaginable news has just emerged as a man has been arrested and allegedly admits to posing as a football coach and raping around 35 children.

Despicable and horrifying news emerges in Egypt on Monday as a man pretending to be a football coach has allegedly admitted to raping around 35 children between the ages of four and six years old.

The 40-year-old Egyptian man allegedly admitted to the horrendous crimes, explaining his appalling acts to police by blaming his mother for abandoning him as a child. For some reason, newspapers have opted to cover the story by focusing on explaining the potential reasoning behind the crime. Youm7 explains that the man had sex with a worker in a bakery, after which he quit his job, left Cairo, and moved to a new area where he convinced parents he was a famous footballer. Using a fake football club ID, he promised to train their children to be football superstars. The Youm7 article goes on to explain that the man apparently also had a gay boyfriend who abandoned him, citing that as another reason that drove him to take his revenge on children, allegedly filming the unimaginable awful crimes.

In reality, this monster was nothing more than a paedophile, and no excuse can justify these horrific crimes. Also confirming the story was Dream TV, who interviewed the rapist's neighbours and some of the kids involved. According to Dream TV, the man was caught in the act as he tried to rape a child whose screams were heard by other kids in the neighbourhood. Looking to see what the commotion was about, the children found their friend naked and attempted to beat the man who escaped. The children immediately alerted their parents, which led to the neighbourhood organising a trap, catching the man, and turning him over to police.As it stands, no trial date has been set as of yet. However, the man has been arrested and will hopefully be made an example of and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, with a goal of deterring other monsters from committing similar acts.