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Ministry of Endowment to Up Security at Mosques During Ramadan

The Egyptian Ministry of Endowment will be checking personal IDs for those who wish to partake in ‘Etekaf’ during the last 10 days of Ramadan, while mosques will be supervised during this time.

An announcement by Egypt's Ministry of Endowment has stated that mosques across the country are required to check the national IDs of worshipers entering to pray Tahagod, a form of prayer by committed Muslims in the last 10 days of Ramadan taking place after midnight. Etakaf is the practice of sleeping over in mosques during these last 10 days in order to take part in the longer Tahagod prayers. "This is for the safety of the worshipers. We will not allow people to conduct Etekaf outside of their districts [stated on their IDs]," explained Ministry Spokesman, Mohamed Abdel Razik.

There will also be a supervisor from the ministry to observe the behaviour of those in the mosque and ensure no leaflets are being given out. “The house of God will not be used for purposes other than worship,” added Abdel Razik. “We will not allow for political parties to use this as a platform for their politics. This is illegal punishable, by a heavy fine or jail time."