Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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Music Syndicate Bans Egyptian Performers From Wearing Sexy Outfits

A sweeping statement on 'revealing outfits' will see repercussions faced by those who disobey the vague ban.

Staff Writer

Once again a syndicate has taken the role of presenting themselves as the protector’s of this nation morality. The latest syndicate supposedly protecting Egyptians is the Egyptian Syndicate of Musical Professions who announced they will ban singers from wearing ‘revealing outfits’.

The decision, according to local media, was supposedly made earlier this week and stipulates they will ban members of the syndicate and singers who perform on stage in Egypt wearing outfits deemed to be inappropriate.

Allegedly the decree was issued after syndicate chief Ahmed Ramadan looked a series of photos he deemed immoral. At the end of the day the decision was made by the syndicate board as a supposed attempt to recommit to Egyptian values and traditions. Talking to youm 7, Ramadan explains the goal is “to fight immortality in 'nude clips'" adding that "art is the nation’s conscience and needs to keep the Egyptian identity.” There is no specific mention of what would be deemed too inappropriate, leaving this ban extremely vague.

Earlier this year, belly dancer Safinaz was imprisoned for six months in prison for wearing an Egyptian flag during her performance. However, that decision was based on the crime of ‘defaming’ the flag than being too revealing. In June, a similar incident occurred minus the Egyptian flag, when excessive jiggling superstar Reda Al Fouley’s racy Seeb Eedi video resulted in the dancer and cameraman Rezq Ahmed being sentenced to one year in prison for inciting debauchery. At no point of time was there any nudity, however, the virality of the story may have influenced this recent decision.