Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Puff Justice: Morsi Son Jailed

Abdallah Morsi, the son of former Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, has been sentenced to one year in prison with hard labour, after he was arrested in possession of hashish last March.

Staff Writer

The son of former president Mohammed Morsi has been sentenced to one-year behind bars and hard labour for drug possession.

A Banha Court  sentenced Abdallah Morsi to the one year stretch along with hard labour and a 10,000 LE fine after he was caught with two joints of the drug in a car parked by the roadside in the Qalyubia governorate north of Cairo.

His unnamed friend has been handed the same sentence following the incident in March this year.

Defence lawyer Mohamed Abu Leila said the case "was fabricated."

"Rulings nowadays don't deserve comment; the entire system is defective," Abu Leila said.

Following the arrest Morsi's other son Osama has similarly claimed that authorities were “fabricating the case” and that his brother's arrest was an attempt to “defame the family.”

Mohammed Morsi spent a year in power in Egypt before being ousted by the military last July after a mass wave of protests calling on him to resign.