Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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Starved Baboons at Egyptian Zoo Resort to Cannibalism

A photo was released showing a baboon in Zagazig Zoo with severe injuries on his arms and feet, supposedly caused by cannibalism from his fellow cage mates.

Staff Writer

Whilst there's been much public dismay over the poor conditions at Giza Zoo, you can only imagine the environment at the nation's smaller zoos. Last week, a picture was released from Zagazig Zoo in Al Sharqia Governorate showing a baboon with severe injuries to his arms and feet, supposedly caused by cannibalism from his fellow cage mates.

The woman, Miss Asmaa, who posted the image, wrote: "Due to extreme hunger, some animals starved to death, and others have eaten each other," whilst also accusing the zookeepers of waiting to feed the animals until visitors offered money.

The director of Zagazig Zoo, however, told Cairo Post that the 17-year-old male baboon in question caused the injury to himself after going on a jealous rampage due to his 'wife' abandoning him for her newborn baby. This isn't the first incident of self-harm in an Egyptian zoo after a giraffe allegedly took its own life in Giza Zoo in 2013.