Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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10 Egyptian YouTube Channels That We Are Obsessed With

And we know you'll love them too.

Staff Writer

Egypt is no stranger to creating (and watching) entertainment content within the Arab world, so it is only right that the same dedication to entertainment shown in our history would be reflected in our use of social media. YouTube has revealed that the Middle East and North Africa has some of the highest watch times all over the world. And naturally, Egypt has had a significant role in spearheading those numbers through a variety of diverse video creators. Let's take a dive into the world of YouTube and shine a light on some of our favourite Egyptians in the game:

1. Cinematology

Cinematology is a channel dedicated to analysing some of Egyptian and Western cinema's biggest flicks. The channel has been up and running since 2015 and has amassed over a million views thus far. Next time you need to figure out exactly what that movie's ending meant, head over to Cinematology and see for yourself.

2. Hesham Afifi

This YouTuber has proven to have one of the most successful channels in Egypt. Hesham Afifi's comedy videos cover a range of topics, including a series called "El Ta7leel El Strateejy" that analyses Egyptian television ads.

3. Dina Dash

Dina Dash is one of the oldest on the scene and a founding foremother of the Egyptian social media beauty-and-makeup scene. Nowadays she's branched out into making vlogs, challenges and makeup tutorials on her channel, including her hilarious videos with her fiancée.

4. Omar Adel (3omario)

Omar creates hilarious edits of old Egyptian drama series from the 70s and 80s that feature, erm, not the best acting we've ever seen. As if these series weren't entertaining enough on their own, 3omario's channel just makes them that much funnier to watch.

5. Sarah Hany

Sarah is one of Egypt's first batch of beauty and fashion YouTube content creators. Her videos are a refreshing take on manoeuvring style and beauty through the local lens and by using the resources available to most Egyptian girls.

6. El 3elm Wel Emaw

This YouTube show dissects Egyptian cultural phenomena in a manner that is bizarre (and awesome), to say the least. The man behind the show, Mostafa Mahmoud, describes it as a show "analysing supernatural phenomena in society in a sarcastic, sometimes rude approach." Well, we think you're hilarious, Mostafa.

7. Shawar

Shawar's channel features a series of crazy challenges and pranks he does on his family and friends, sprinkled with a few ma7raganat of his own creation. None of this YouTuber's videos makes less than a million views, and he's managed to amass over 3 million subscribers.

8. Suzy El Zahar

Suzy is a Scottish-Egyptian dentist and mother of three that makes amazing content for young women and girls about lessons she's learned over her lifetime. Her videos cover everything from employment advice, dating lessons, and some health and beauty mixed in for good measure.

9. Nader Ahmed

This 20-year old comedian creates short sketches that every Egyptian can relate to. He's managed to gather just under 3 million subscribers in a short time by making funny videos about everyday life in Egypt. The GPS and the winter weather are just a few examples of the material he uses in his comedy.

10. Muhammed Khaled

This YouTuber makes videos about… well, we aren't quite sure, but it's pretty cool. His content floats around a variety of subject matter, including music videos and reactions, and his biography page literally just says "haha." Either way, jumping around between doing challenges, acting sketches, vlogs, music, and reactions has clearly worked for Muhammed since he's been able to gather just under 2 million subscribers and over 119 million views.

Who are some of your favourite YouTube creators? Let us know in the comments below.