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10 Alternatives to Partying for an Adventurous New Year's Eve

... everywhere but Cairo.

Egypt NYE

If you don’t want to spend your New Year’s Eve partying your face off among a hundred other people, you’re probably looking into what your options are beyond the same old Cairo clubs. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of alternative adventures - all of which take you exploring out of Cairo! El Gouna, Nuweiba, Fayoum, Siwa and Aswan are only a few of the destinations you could be experiencing while welcoming the new year. They say hindsight is 20/20, and with this list, you'll be going into 2020 knowing you've started the year living your best life.




The Culture Caravan: Crash Course on Bedouin Traveling & Culture

The Culture Caravan is headed to the South Sinai Bedouin territory of the Muzeina tribe, and you can hop on to experience desert life first-hand from the Bedouins. With camels as your travel companions, you’ll be learning how to take care of your own in the desert dunes these intrepid survivors call home.

📸: @RaniaShereen


Voyagers Off The Road - Hike Secret Trail, Gouna Valleys

Not only will you be in beautiful El Gouna, you’ll be able to go on a 3-day hiking trip in the untouched mountain trails at the valleys in the west. Suitable for inexperienced hikers, it’ll be a nice detour away from the town and give you a chance to go full-on airplane mode.

📸: @BlueCamel.Eg


Voyagers In The Sea - El Gouna Islands 

This sailing trip, ‘Newcomers on Deck’, is the first In the Sea event by the Voyagers. This will be an introductory course in sailing for those interested in the majesty of the open sea, as well as the beauty of the islands and marine life surrounding El Gouna.

📸: @NadaBorhan


The NS Crossing NYE'20 - Desert Edition

As all their other outings, this Desert Edition is an unmissable opportunity for novice cyclists to explore the Western Desert’s mind-blowing scenery in locations such as the Black and White Deserts, as well as the Farafra, Bahareya, Dakhla and Kharga Oases. The 1000km itinerary is split into a year's end chapter and new year chapter, and you have the option of joining either or both of them.

📸: @TheNSCrossing



BDiver - New Year's Dive

Apart from Bas Muhammed’s cosy campfires, their chilly midday swims and their jam sessions, you can also go on one of their amazing dives! If you’re inexperienced, you can go on a Guided Dive. If you actually want to go all the way and get your divers’ license, this is your chance to go on the PADI Open Water Course or the PADI Advanced Open Water Course.

📸: @TaimourO



Mount Dream - Wadi El Hitan

Not only will you spend the last day of the year in the middle of the mountains, you’ll also be getting an education on the difference between normal and zodiac constellations, on how to perform basic desert survival skills and on how to use the stars as your guide. An introduction to astrophysics, astrobiology, black holes and micro-gravity are also in the books. This astronomical crash course is sure to leave you star-struck.

📸: @SamyOlabi


Rahala Club - Exploring El Nouba and Aswan’s Islands 

This adventure has it all. You can embrace the action on a motor boat cruise in Lake Nasser, a hike in El Hawa Mountain, or a Light and Sound show at Philae Temple. And if you're in the mood to discover a few secrets, you can go on a tour of Elephantine Island, Kalabsha Temple, Satet Temple and the ruins of an ancient city.

📸: @GeoSteinmetz


Dunes Camp - Great Sand Sea Siwa Oasis

The last day of 2019 is going to be a busy one on this fantastic camping trip. Your Bedouin guides will take you to all the spots in Siwa before ending at a camping spot in the Western Desert.

📸: @SeifAmro



Karzak Trekking & Expeditions - Gastronomic NYE in the White Desert

The 4x4 Expedition will have you explore and learn about geology, fossils, fauna and flora, go sandboarding, swimming in natural hot springs, and so much more. Of course, no trip to the desert is complete without a gastronomic meal - at least, that's how you'll feel after this outing!


📸: @ProjectWahba



Dayra Camp - AOD: Art OverDose 2020 (Vol.2)

The perfect chance to chill, they’re offering a huge list of crafts workshops, yoga and acroyoga sessions, and drama therapy on the beach. And when you're relaxing at the seaside, a non-stop week-long jam session is definitely guaranteed.


📸: @Dayra.Camp