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Souad Massi to Perform New Song for the First Time in Cairo this Friday

This will be the first time for her to perform from the album in Egypt.


Beloved singer Souad Massi is due to perform in New Cairo's al-Manara Center on the 27th of this month. The Algerian artist will be taking to the stage to exclusively perform a song from her new album, Oumniya, titled 'Pays Natal' for the very first time.

Egypt is one of Massi's go-to countries to perform in, but it isn't the only destination in her plan. The folk singer will also be visiting several European countries as part of a world tour, Belgium and France being some of the ones on the list.

The much anticipated Oumniya album is the artist's sixth album and was released last fall on October 11th. Quite a journey from the start of her career, when the singer's debut album, Raoui, was released almost nineteen years ago in 2001.

The Arab icon's genre is generally described as Algerian folk music with heavy acoustics as well as Western influences. Massi is renowned for incorporating French and Berber with Classical or Algerian Arabic, which has been a trademark throughout her work and distinguishes her from classical folk singers.

Massi has performed in Cairo many times before and has been able to garner a massive fanbase all over the Arab world, proving herself to be a fan favourite. We're very excited to see what she has in store for us.

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