Sunday June 16th, 2024
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10 Reasons Why Maadi is Awesome

Maadi - that dimension separate from the rest of Cairo, worlds away. Those who enter will never leave, and it's no wonder. Here are ten reasons why nobody should leave Maadi...

Staff Writer

10 Reasons Why Maadi is Awesome

Ma3adi. Mody. The Motherland of Koshks. The Paris of Cairo. Maadi is an affluent district in the south of Cairo. It’s the home to the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, Cairo American College (CAC), the Cairo Rugby Club, and the national Egyptian Geological Museum. All non-Maadi people hate Maadi people because they never leave Maadi. But what if the Maadi people have had it right all along? We’ve compiled a list of the most amazing things you can ONLY find in Maadi, and we’ll let you decide. 

Green, Green Everywhere

Want to live in a beautiful place that protects your health? Maadi is that place. Trees are everywhere, to the point that we think Maadi was a jungle in a past life. Everywhere you look at, trees will be there, and of course cleaner air.


Feluccas are nice. But you know what isn’t? When they’re lit up with lights that shine stronger than a thousand Dornish suns, with Sa3d El Soghayar on top volume. Maadi feluccas are a lot more peaceful because they have sails instead of a motor.

The District of Love

Maadi is the Paris of Cairo because love is everywhere. Not only does it have a flower shop on every corner, its streets are very dark in the night, making love easier. *cough* if you know what we mean*


Not a lot of people know this, but Maadi is one of the only places in Cairo where you can buy Vinyls, at both Morgana and Xerox in Road 9. And not just any vinyls, but first edition vinyls. 

Oink Oink

No more beef bacons with your English breakfast. In Maadi, it’s only the haram bacon. Due to lots of expats living in Maadi, most butchers sell bacon, ham, pork and everything in between.



A brown person, an Asian person, and a blackperson and white person walk into a bar. This is not the start of a joke, this is Maadi. Maadi is the most multicultural place in the capital where you’ll see people from different continents, cultures, and races everywhere.

Pub Scene

There may not be that many clubs in Maadi, but the amount of pubs sure makes up for it. From Tipsy Teapot, to BCA, Maadi House, Ace, Koriyana... The list could go on forever, so we’ll stop now.


Fancy Chinese? No wait, some tacos? Naah, maybe some gyros? No matter what your kersh feels like devouring, you WILL have it.


TNR is a trap-neuter-return initiative, formed by a group of Maadi residents/animal advocates to raise awareness against Animal Cruelty and to solve the stray animal problems in Maadi. 

Road 9

Last but not least, the road to end all roads. Road 9 may be the most popular place to go in Maadi but not for a bad reason. It has everything, from restaurants, pubs, pet shops, flower shops (of course), koshks, gyms, and more. And not only that, on Fridays, Road 9 in Maadi is designated a car-free area, making it the perfect place for a nice walk.

Photography by Mahmoud Asfour.