Thursday June 8th, 2023
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4.6 million Tramadol Tablets Seized in Suez Canal Drug Bust

Another day, another bust.

Staff Writer

In a spot of nefarious news this fine Saturday afternoon, a whopping 4.6 million Tramadol tablets have been seized on Friday at the Suez Canal by the General Department for the Suez Canal Security, originally inbound on a cargo ship that was destined for a third country.

The Interior ministry released a statement that the vessels official documents described the contents as "general goods and medical supplies." However, officers from the Counter Narcotics Department discovered 80 packages of Tramadol tucked away in one of the containers. The discovery was made during a routine inspection at East Port Said upon docking.

Originally used as a post-surgical anesthetic, Tramadol is one of the most abused narcotics in Egypt, finding an increasing amount of popularity among many social classes and vocations. Lorry drivers and manual labourers routinely take the drug in order to weather taxing vocational conditions.

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