Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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A FREE Pair Of Levi's Jeans, Anyone?

Do you #LiveInLevis? Instagram your best denim look and you'll win a free pair of jeans immediately! Find out more...

Staff Writer

Trends, they come and they go, however denim lasts forever. With the passing of time our clubbing styles have altered. The venues we regularly frequent have changed and along with them our fashion. Out with the short, tight dresses that we've starved ourselves all day to fit into, accessorised with six inch heels that no one, and we mean no one, can walk in. Out with the chinos and designer shirts, and in with the Levi’s. We’ve teamed up with the jeans giants to reward those who dare to do denim with a free pair of the classic jeans.

Ostentatious clubs are a thing of the past as underground parties take over the clubbing scene. Simple is stylish. No one cares what bottle you're drinking and what table you're at; clubbing has become casual, casual is the new chic, and what's more casual than denim? The fear of rejection from a club for not being dressed appropriately is no longer a concern as we dare to dress in denim. Making sure we’ve always got the perfect pair of jeans to fall back on, Levi’s mixes up cutting edge cuts and washes with traditional durability and versatility. Use #LiveInLevis and show us your best denim look on Instagram, tagging @CairoScene and @Levis. Everyone who participates in the next 48 hours will receive a direct Instagram message from us with instructions on how to pick up your prize, until stock lasts!