Friday December 1st, 2023
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Egypt's Biggest Sex Scandals in 2014

Sex and the pious state don't mix.

Staff Writer

Last month a sex tape emerged allegedly belonging to a member of the ultra conservative Salafi Islamist Nour Party party.

Sama El-Masry's absurd video for her song Ahmed, El Shebsheb Daa3, got everyone pretty hot under the collar with social media ablaze with derogatory comments aimed at the controversial belly dance. Despite changing the lyrics from Hamasa’s musical hit A7a El Shebsheb Daa3 to a more family friendly version, the music video was anything but.

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It was found out this year that Egyptian government spies were using Grindr to identify homosexuals and then arresting them as a consequence, the story made international news, and eventually Grindr in Egypt included a warning.

The karate instructor at a Mahalla sporting club releases his bizarre sex tapes - allegedly featuring wives of senior police officials.

An innocent looking fanpage entitled Humans of Egypt turned out not to be a parody of the New York version but a strange forum for semi-nude oversized men and women in sexually explicit scenarios. The page was found out to be run by a popular Egyptian blogger @5orm who began to tell us his story of Egypt's 'sexual revolution'.


 An online scam had more than 50 girls facing extortion after they were tricked into stripping naked online in a 'job application' for a fake job post at Egypt Air.

Alia El-Mahdy was at it again, this time gratuitously shitting on an ISIS flag.

The first belly dancing reality show in Egypt 'El Raqissa' was pulled off the air after just one episode on Kahera wel Nas, following condemnation by top Muslim clerics in Egypt claiming that the show is a corrupting influence.

A groundbreaking clip of two men exchanging rings and kissing next to their wedding cake sparked debate across Egypt, and were later sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Egypt's first government licenced sexologist Dr.Heba Kotb claimed she designed a programme to 'cure' homosexuality.

Haifa Wahbe's latest film Halawet Rouh (The Sweetness of Soul) was deemed to sexy for Egyptian government officials and was banned from being released here. The court later reversed the ban.

At the beginning of the year a strange fanpage unearthed a nationwide fetish with Nancy Ajram and Sherine's armpits. It was weird. We did a poetic reading of the comments.

Most recently the controversial raid on the Egyptian bathhouse and the consequential arrest of 22 men.