Thursday June 1st, 2023
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AUC Brings the Christmas Spirit Using Recycled Plastic

AUC Alumni are decking the halls with boughs of environmentally-friendly choices.

Staff Writer

While there aren't a lot of trees to cut down for Christmas here in Egypt, we still opt for expensive, wasteful displays of fake branches on steel poles. The festive people at AUC decided to deck their halls with a fresh, green idea instead: a colourful Christmas tree made out of recycled plastic bottles!

Under the supervision of the Sustainability Office, the Travel and Business Support office and the VP of Management and Operations, recycling workers at AUC made it possible by collecting and washing 10,000 empty bottles that have been discarded throughout the university. Then, the Graphic Design programme and their graduates painted the bottles and arranged them in the shape of a Christmas tree.

AUC chose to go the extra mile to spread awareness about waste and environmental issues, while celebrating Christmas among faculty and students. It's a magical reminder that this season doesn't have to mean tossing our plastics and wrappings aside.